WOWTech – Skope Group Services Australia

Specialists when it comes to digital signage and displays helping customers create stronger brands, enrich consumer experience and improve customer engagement. WOWtech provides full services of design, manufacture, installation and support of indoor LED displays, outdoor LED screens and semi outdoor LED big screens. We are continually researching the innovative technology through our overseas contacts to keep up with the latest trends in the world of technology.

WOWtech has the best synergistic alliances with some of the world leaders in visual display technology. We are embracing and leading the digital revolution. Technology is the future, we can help you with the transition from each existing identification formats to assist to further enhance your brand in the new world of technology.

We can take care of the supply and installation of customised automation systems, interactive technologies, digital signage, smart technology, wireless networks, integration technology, security access controls plus much more.

• Microdistances instore: Beacon technology
• Outside store: Location based apps
• Busy thoroughfares: Phone/IP recognition systems to provide 1-to-1 advertisements on intelligent digital signage, or offers straight to phone