6 tips for your office fit outs planning success

6 tips for a successful office fit outs plan

6 office fit-out tips

Moving into a new office or giving your current office a fresh new look is exciting! Successful companies understand the impact office fit outs and design can make in branding, impressing clients, enhance workplace productivity or attracting new talent!
As exciting and important it is, planning an office fit out is not an easy process. Here are few tips to help you simplify your office fit out planning:

1.Set out your goals and document everything: Documenting your requirements will help you get the clear picture of the entire process like design, budget & time constraints, technical and storage requirements, meeting rating standards, hiring a professional fit out team, project management etc. Focusing on the flexibility and future growth on the company in the planning stage can help your adapt to any challenges in the future.

2.Set your budget: Understanding your budget will help your vendors provide you the best plan to meet your goals.

3.Design trends: Interior design industry has a lot of creativity to suit your requirements. You can search for various new trends for space management to enhance workplace productivity, proper health and safety planning, modern architectural designs to give that unique impression to your clients, visitors and employees.

4.Hiring the right fit out companies: As you start to look-over for the right fit out companies check out the following:

  • A portfolio of their past relevant projects.
  • Financial stability
  • Their understanding of government laws and regulation, check their OH&S manual and accreditation.
  • Request quotation, which should address a cost breakdown, project process, and completion duration and payment terms.
  • 5.Workplace productivity: Every business is looking for ways to optimise the workplace efficiency and boost productivity. Requirements differ from department to department based on the type of the work. Workspace design, mobility, colour selection, noise control, use of lightings, relaxing areas etc. all can highly influence the employee productivity.

    6.Branding: Your companies progressive vision may contradict with your outdated office appearance. Your office design should reflect your brand values and image. Make the right use of your brand colours, statements, and interior design to help strengthen your branding.

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