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2 pac spray paint for luxurious business signs

Give your business signage superior finish with the attention grabbing, luxurious and durable 2PAC spray finish.
What is a 2 PAC Paint?

2 PAC (or 2 Pack) paint is a paint system involving two containers (packs) of liquids. One of the packs contains a resin composed of an acrylic paint and melamine (Colour) and another pack contains a hardener resin. When these two liquids are mixed together a chemical reaction occurs causing the mix to harden. As there is only a small amount of solvent being used in the mix, hardly any evaporates when the paint is applied and the result is luxurious, thick and smooth finish.
What are the benefits of using 2 PAC spray paint for business signs?

Apart from raising the standard of your sign to the next level, here are some more reasons why you should invest in using 2 PAC Spray paint finish in your business signs:

  • Durability: Extremely resistant to all weathering, scratching, marring and/or chipping.
  • Ease of maintenance: Extremely easy to clean and keep-clean, requiring minimal effort.
  • Less wastage/Cost Effective: Marginally less paint wastage during application in comparison to other painting alternatives.
  • Superior quality finish: Creates a thicker, tougher, and far more luxurious paint finish with variations like matte or satin for a wide range of bespoke signs.
  • 2 PAC spray paint application

    2PAC dries slowly so it must be applied in a dust-free, temperature-controlled booth operated by experienced and skilled person.
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