5 things to consider before buying business signs

5 things to consider before buying business signs

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So, you either have a new business or you realise your business needs new signage. People choose to buy new signage for their business for many reasons and it is a good idea to go through the list below to realise why you want a new sign. This will help you to buy the right sign for your business.

1. Do not buy a replacement sign that is exactly as you have now. Technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds since you last bought a sign for your business. If the signage company, you choose keeps up with technology they should be able to show you many more cost-efficient signs that attract more customers. If they can’t find another signage company or better still contact us.

2. Make sure you choose a signage company that will do all your council approvals for you. Let’s face it, dealing with councils is boring, frustrating and timely. A reputable signage company deals with the council all day every day. Let them do what they do best so you can get on with doing what you do best.

3. Have your signage company do an audit of your property, have them give you their recommendations, then ask them why they chose the signs and locations they did. Ask for alternatives both cheaper and more expensive so you can make an informed decision.

4. Ask to see a catalogue of signs, that is every type of sign the company manufactures. Make sure you deal with a reputable manufacturer you can trust.

5. Make sure the company you are dealing with makes the process simple and easy. Get them to map out the process and what must happen from the moment you first meet to when you pay the bill for the completed job. Ask them for a timeline and a commitment. Just one thing to remember. The timeline will always start from approved artwork and plans. Without this it is impossible to give you an exact timeline.

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