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6 tips for your sky signs project success

Sky signs
Are you ready to launch your brand to the city skyline and make grand statement?
Sky signs project demand a high level of experience and expertise due to the complexity and risks involved. To begin with, here are a few things to consider to ensure your "sky signs" project is successful.
  1. A site survey and montage design can help plan the optimal size & placement of the sky sign. Visibility and safety are the major influencing factors to consider.
  2. The designs need to be approved from relevant entities (councils, DA etc.) prior to commence the manufacturing & installation.
  3. Design and manufacture signs based on engineering specifications to ensure safety.
  1. Proper transport, power and installation management for on time delivery and installation, following health & safety practices.
  2. As the signs are installed on a high rise, use of large equipment such as cranes may be required along with skilled manpower trained in operating such equipment.
  3. Proper planning for future maintenance of the sign.
Hope this article gives you a general idea to start planning for your next sky signs project.
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