24/7 visibility for your business with LED illuminated signs

Get 24/7 visibility for your business with LED illuminated signs

Illuminated business signs like light box signs, edge-lit signs, back-lit signs etc. make a great choice if you want to increase your visibility. These signs can be custom manufactured in different styles (single sided, double sided), shapes and sizes depending on business requirement and placement of the business signs.

LED illuminated signs are gaining popularity compared to traditional fluorescent tubes and neon signs because of their power saving benefits, long life and safety. Here are some of the benefits of using a good quality LED illuminated signs:

  • The human eye is naturally attracted to brightness. The brilliance of LED signs makes your business signs stand out giving your business prominent visibility.
  • Unlike fluorescent and neon signs, LED maintains constant brightness and don’t flicker. This offers reliable branding.
  • LED illuminated signs are equally effective at night hours as well, thus giving 24/7 visibilities to your business.
  • LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is a diode that turns the electrical energy it receives into the light. LEDs use 80% less energy than neon bulbs. LED’s emit less heat, offering lower operations and maintenance costs.
  • Save your business the embarrassment from a broken sign. The LEDs used in most LED Signs are rated to last approximately 100,000 hours and are therefore most cost-effective solutions.
  • LEDs are thinner in size compared to neon of fluorescent bulbs and come are available in wide combination of colours which gives businesses far more versatility in design options. LED can be used to illuminate a variety of high quality fabricated letters, glass and other architectural signage that depicts your branding.
  • First impression matters – the quality of your signs reflects the quality of your business, goods and services. LED illuminated signs give a professional look and can help your business stand out.
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