How to improve your customer Christmas shopping experience?

Retailers, are you Christmas ready?

Time to divert your attention from appreciating spring because Christmas is already making its way. Shoppers are already browsing for Christmas gifts & celebrations and they are ready to spend.

Retailers, are you Christmas ready?

As customers walk past shopping malls with heavily advertised shops, you need to come up with smart ideas that help you stand out from the crowd, grab their attention and maintain a high quality customer experience. It only takes first few seconds for shoppers to decide if they wish to stay and shop or not. This the reason why your retail store branding and design should be the most prominent aspect of your Christmas marketing and promotional strategy.

Your store design will reflect how much value you put into your business and will let your customers know if it’s worth visiting. Think long term, creating great customer experience can also result in loyal customers giving you repeat business.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your customer Christmas shopping experience:
1. Exceptional Customer Service Christmas is a great opportunity for retailers to meet a huge crowd of new customers. Focus on improving customer shopping experience and turning these new visitors to loyal customers. Give your team proper guidelines and training so that they can better serve your customers. Consumers will highly appreciate friendly and informative individuals willing to help them with Christmas shopping list.

2. Innovative attention grabbing signage Create a welcoming atmosphere with greetings signages. This can be as simple as a creative “Merry Christmas” signage. Promote your deals and discounts with beautiful custom window decals. You can also opt for digital signage, which can be easily customised, as per your requirement.

3. Retail store Design Give good thought to your store design and fit-outs. Go grand with a complete makeover or add some creative touch like an accent wall, creative art etc. Painting one side of your wall or adding mirrors can make your store look larger. Make sure shoppers can easily glide through your store. This ensures all your products get maximum exposure.

4. Store Presentation Your store presentation can tell a lot about your brand. Take a good look of every corner of your store. Is there some wear or tear? Is everything working well? May be your store needs a fresh paint? Whatever it is, get in touch with a fit-outs, refurb and maintenance expert to help you out. After all, with the competition so fierce and high, you would not want to harm your reputation.
It is a best practice to plan a periodic preventative maintenance to save yourself from last minute stress, huge maintenance costs and to ensure safety of your employees and customers.
5. Ambience Give shoppers more reason to stay. Your store ambience should be inviting. May be some lighting upgrades! This can instantly improve the design of your store and is cost effective too. You can also add some music that complements your brand.

6. Engage and Delight When you customers engage with your business, it leaves a long lasting impression in their mind. Engage your customers with simple social media contests. Install a photo-booth where your customers can take photos and share on their Instagram, free promotion! Everyone loves free stuffs, delight your customers with free gifts, vouchers, merchandise as a "thank you".

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