Signage - your silent Brand ambassador

Signage – your silent sales & brand ambassador

Outdoor signage - Coomera East Shopping Center

Branding is most integral aspect for success for any business. Your brand differentiates you from your competition and plays a vital role in attracting and retaining a loyal customer base. With a large number of companies emerging everyday and rise of online platforms, the competition is high. It is now, more than ever, important for businesses to focus on their brand building to stand out from the crowd and make an impact.

So, where does signage come in all this and how it helps you with brand building?
Lets start with a simple question, what is signage?

"Signage is a mode of communicating information by using various signs and symbols, to help people make decisions, using the information provided."

In our daily lives, we come across signage everyday. For example, while walking/driving to your office you must have come across various directional / wayfinding signage to help you commute, pylon signs in front of the shopping centres finding your favourite stores, parking signs in parking areas and the list goes on.

Signage plays a significant role in branding as it gives that first impression of your organisation. It makes a significant conscious and subconscious impact on potential customer and visitors by reinforcing brand identity. The higher your quality of signage, the better the impression left.

Wayfinding signage - Parramatta Park
TWEEDCITY pylon signs sydney

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