What are the different types of pylon signs?

What are the different types of pylon signs?

twin pole pylon signs
Tall, free standing pylon signs can be customised to suit your businesses' signage strategy. In general, there are four types of pylon signage:

Single-pole mount pylon signs: The classic single pole mount pylon signage is both economical and monumental. It helps businesses make a grand statement. These signs are perfect choice in elevating the identity of your brand and business over obstructions.

Twin-pole mount pylon signs:The double pole structures provider greater rigidity and stability for larger signage applications. The symmetrical design of twin poles instead of one is more preferred by some marketers.

Covered pole pylon signs: More ways to go creative with a covered pole pylon signage. Custom pole covers can be designed and built to almost any shape and size to give pylon signage a unique look and improve the visual appeal.

Custom light box pylon signs: Internally illuminated light box pylon signage offer high visibility even at night. These pylon signs can be customised to feature single or multiple light boxes. A good example of pylon signage featuring multiple light box signs is pylon signs at shopping centre. These signs usually feature the logos of retailer brands that are located within the shopping centre. Here are a few common applications of pylon signs for business.
Pylon signs can be further customised to enhance their appearance and make them stand out.
  • Adding spotlights positioned on the ground or mounted to the sign itself offer visibility of your pylon signage even at night. This can help the passing traffic identify the fine details of your pylon signs.
  • Adding a LED message board allows businesses to display changeable message that promote sales, new offers, special events etc. Dynamic moving messages are found to be more effective in attracting customer attention than static messages. The messages on these signs are computer controlled and businesses can change the message as per their requirement at any time.

  • Up your brand and marketing strategy with good quality pylon signage. Find out more on how you can use pylon signs to enhance your brand visibility and business growth. Schedule a meeting today!

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