Importance of good quality business signs

Why you need good quality business signs?

Coles Kew Victoria Store Branding

Coles Kew Victoria Store Branding

Signage is the first point of contact between your business and customers. Quality of your sign can make a huge impact on how your customers perceive your business and brand. Good quality signs can also help bring you in new customers, drive foot-traffic to sales.

There are varieties of external and internal business signs. External signs can be used to help draw attention and differentiate landmarks and locations. For example monument signs, pylon signs, shop front signs. Internal signs can be used to draw attention towards new offers, promotions bringing in new customers and driving foot-traffic to sales. Directional and way finding signage can help visitors/customers locate parking, shops, amenities etc.

Branding: Your brand is a promise to your customers. As your customers come across your brand you want them to associate it with the quality of your product/service. Translate your brand identity into tangible representations like signage. This gives more power to your branding efforts and people see signs everyday. Investing on quality signage for branding is a wise idea as it directly influences what your customers’ feel when they see your brand.

Virgin Australia - Rebranding Signage Project

Virgin Australia - Perth Terminal

Advertising signs: Signage serves as your virtual sales person working 24/7 or your business. Compare it to your advertising budget for other mediums like TV, radio and you will realise that signage is affordable and effective form of marketing for businesses of any size.

Chanel Doncaster-VIC Retail showroom lightbox signage

Chanel Doncaster-VIC

Directional signs: Imagine walking across shopping malls, hospitals, large events and large companies without any signs. Exhausting, isn’t it? Directional signage helps visitors identify where they are and act as references to location they would like to visit without getting lost. This also enforces a positive experience for visitors.

Health and Safety or Hazard signs: Health and Safety comes as one of the utmost priorities for any business. These signage help communicate health and safety information and warning about health hazards and threats. It can be used in the workplaces, factories, schools, hospitals, labs etc.

Enhance your business with high quality signage. Our expert team can help your business brand by providing complete signage solutions from design, manufacturing to installation. With over 45 years of experience in signage design, manufacturing and installation along with our highly skilled and experienced team we ensure you receive top quality service and your business gets maximum exposure. Whether you are looking for unique custom designed signs or professional looks, 3D acrylic or metal fabricated signs, illuminated signs or large format printing, our manufacturing facility at Campbelltown can guarantee the quality and finish your business deserves. Schedule a meeting today!

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