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Sky signs

As you walk past a series of high-rise you are subconsciously scanning the large signs, some freestanding some mounted on top of the high-rise buildings. These sky signs automatically create a grand impression of the brand on the hundreds of people who see the sign, everyday.

Is your company visible in the city skyline or is lost amidst a number of brands?
Crosbie Sky Signs
What are sky signs?
“Sky signs are any forms of display, freestanding or mounted on top of a high-rise building.”

What are the benefits of sky signs?
Sky signs are a great option for businesses that want to make a grand statement and level up their brand. Here are few more reasons why sky signs can be ideal for your business:
Crosbie Sky Signs
Brand building
The sky signs instantly leave an grand impression of a “big brand” in the viewer’s mind and helps with brand building of your business.

High visibility
Location plays a vital role in marketing and advertising. The placement of sky signs makes it impossible to miss from any distance and hence gives your brand a business maximum exposure it deserves.

Brand awareness
Large sky signs mounted on high-rise are attention grabbing and stand out in any busy environment.

Are you ready to make a grand statement with sky signs? Our team can help your business by providing end-to-end signage solutions from design, manufacturing to installation.
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Sky signs
With over 45 years of experience in signage design, manufacturing and installation along with our highly skilled and experienced team we ensure you receive top quality service and your business gets maximum exposure. Whether you are looking for unique custom designed signs or professional looks, 3D acrylic or metal fabricated signs, illuminated signs or large format printing, our manufacturing facility at Campbelltown can guarantee the quality your business deserves. Schedule a meeting today!
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